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The French Dispatch (2021)


Beautiful visually, lighthearted, good music - storyline seems a bit too disjointed, but admittedly part of it was just me having difficulty keeping up. Would like to rewatch at some point.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)


Closer to 3 than 5.

Nice to see the old Spider-man crews! <3 Have yet to see Amazing Spider-man, though, so that part wasn't nostalgic for me (yet).

Love Benedict Cumberbatch as Steven Strange actually, and I often don't think his performances are particularly great, but this character he fits/performs very well!

Certainly a ton of fan service, it's pretty cool, but maybe a bit over the top. Or perhaps mainly because the main storyline often seems not that well written. But the redemption arc idea itself I love!

Love the credits animation!

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Eternals (2021)


Kinda annoyed that Ikaris was consistently shown to not be particularly strong, certainly less so than Thena and Gilgamesh, and all of a sudden plot demands he's "the strongest of them" and so he is.

Is this a prequel to FFX, Sprite changing name to Tidus? Would fit the FF universe at least!

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Black Widow (2021)


Actually quite good, and better than the vast majority of Bond movies. Came in with low expectations.

Scarlett Johansson...actually acts just fine in this one?! But then I just watched Keanu Reeves act in Matrix 4, so expectations weren't high in that regard.

No big complaints, but it would've been nice if some of the main characters were actually of Russian heritage, ie. had real Russian accents instead of fake ones.

Politically speaking it kinda seems to ridicule Russia and favour the west which is uninspired and uninteresting. But then it's super mainstream and made by Disney, so genuine ability for self-criticism and deep reflection in terms of politics is currently too much to expect.

I like that they don't kill her sister off for uninspired, cheap emotional impact.

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)


The ring fighter, just like from Kung Fu Hustle (had kinda forgotton though)!

Kinda torn between 3 and 4, really deserves a 3½.

Went downhill in quality from the bus scene included.

Ben Kingsleys' character, LOL! His jokes weren't great, but just seeing him in that role and maybe his acting made it fun to see anyway.

And Katie seems like a great buddy!

Always great to see Michelle Yeoh! Could see the Wuxia resemblance to e.g. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Would've loved to see her fight more as well.

Path of the open palm (Yeoh opening Shaun's hands) reminded me of Jade Empire.

I want a prequel with their mother as the lead character! Her fight with asshat father was the best fight in the film.

Kinda wish the siblings had shared the rings, also because the sister was just constantly out of the spotlight due to a sexist father. Also because it could be a nice conclusion to the siblings having been apart for so long, so now they were finally together again as a family.

Black Widow was better though.

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Caffeinated (2015)


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Son of Saul (2015)


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The Matrix Resurrections (2021)


not great, not good - but decent.

nice to see so much of the sense8 cast again!
btw. i want to see a Switch prequel. She seemed so cool!

that aging trickery rarely works well, and it's the same here, but mostly from the acting.
reminds me of old t'pol in star trek enterprise

very heavy on the re-hash of so many specific scenes - a bit much.
not great acting from keanu reeves, but that's not that atypical (seems like a cool guy irl though)

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David Lynch: The Art Life (2017)


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Burning (2018)


Beautiful visually, good soundtrack at times. Quite slow!
Closer to 3 than 5 though.

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Demetri Martin: Standup Comedian (2012)


Unfortunately there are also very creepy sexist jokes at times (e.g. the injured girls who can't get away being described as  "perfect"), and thinking it's fun to trash x girlfriends, and in other shows presenting it as lighthearted fun to have people watching a specific person (stalking) as a hobby.

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Demetri Martin. Person. (2007)


Worst Demetri Martin special seen so far, but still not that bad.
Closer to 2 than 4 though.

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Comedy Central Presents: Demetri Martin (2004)


Love the ending sequence.

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Demetri Martin: If I (2004)


Gets quite thought provoking!

Also watched:
Demitri Martin live + Lucy Arnell March 17 2017 FULL SET:

...and listened to:
Unmasked (interview):
These are jokes:

Favourites overall are probably - unordered:
Demetri Martin live + Lucy Arnell 
These are jokes
Demetri Martin: If I

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The Truth (2019)


Closer to 3 than 5.

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A Time to Kill (1996)


i like that the infidelity side story is not going totally predictably

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No Time to Die (2021)


Closer to 4 than 2. Nice to see Jeffrey Wright after having watched Westworld!

I've yet to see Quantum of Solace and Spectre (and have forgotten a lot regarding Casino Royale, and I think I've only seen the end of Skyfall), so a lot of the backstory was lost on me, regarding Blofield (well, except I had recently seen (In Her Majesty's Secret Service), Mr. White who I didn't know who was, and Madeleine who I hadn't seen as I hadn't seen Spectre.

So I'd suggest watching those first as there's some continuity here.

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Be Here to Love Me (2004)


Rated long after watching, but remember as good!

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Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)


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Nosferatu (1922)


I think I might've already seen this, or?

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Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts (2022)


Very entertaining and VERY touching watch.
My ratings of the films aren't that high generally, but they definitely have a special place in my heart, along with the books, which I was reading before the films.
Helena Bonham Carter seems so sweet here - and so do many of the others.
Alan Rickman's performance is just awesome. R.I.P.! In the books I hated Snape, but Rickman's performance managed to make me both love and hate him.
...and as Emma Watson says: Evanna Lynch, Katie Leung and Bonnie Wright - and herself certainly too - have grown into such passionate activists is just wonderful!

I hope they DO take the time to meet and talk to each other in person from time to time!
...rather than pretending it's a thing of the past, and thinking maybe they're alone in having that sense of family.

I kinda also hope they DO get back together in a new film or even series of films in the future at some point. But we may have to wait a while, if it ever happens. If nothing else maybe it'll be like Star Wars, where someone completely different writes them, though I'd hope J.K. Rowling would, even though I strongly disagree with transphobia. Speaking of that I'm glad many of the actors openly do NOT share her view. But that doesn't mean she's not a skilled writer none the less.

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Demetri Martin: Live (At The Time) (2015)


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Demetri Martin: The Overthinker (2018)


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Mad Dog Time (1996)


Weird atmosphere, but somehow I think it works.
Jeff Goldblum looking pretty much consistently intense. :D
Good soundtrack.

Seems like a pretty sexist world though. :/

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Don't Look Up (2021)


Sadly not far from reality in many ways, and as I've seen others say it's quite like an almost present day Idiocracy.
Peter reminds me of James Haliday from Ready Player One.
Jennifer Lawrence is cool as always!

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