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Batman Forever (1995)


90s batman rankings:
Returns, Forever, Batman, Batman & Robin

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A Time to Kill (1996)


i like that the infidelity side story is not going totally predictably

Batman & Robin (1997)

It's a drag to watch and you'll find yourself reconsidering atheism, in the desperate hope that some divine figure will descend from the heavens and spare you the misery. Unlike Batman, Returns and Forever, it attempts to be comedy and it fails beyond recognition. George Clooney's emotional range requires a microscope to barely notice - he's sort of in this silly, self-centered mood all the time and seemingly doesn't give a damn, when for instance, Alfred reveals that he's dying. He's like: "Fuck you old man -and get to work!" but luckily, his atrociously evident attitude is not noticed by his stupid surroundings, so he gets away it.
Hypothetically, had the movie been filled with Poison Ivy scenes from start to end, it would've gotten a much higher score. Unfortunately that's just hopeful speculation, so: 
Warning! Steer clear of this one!

Tags: Batman, DC