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Iron Man 2 (2010)


Nice music!

Tags: Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Man (2008)


Really rather sad portrayal of manhood, objectifying and practically owning women and other people as his subjects, and displaying the military as cool, and the weapons industry so positively. Also seems to play on anti-arab racist stereotypes and nationalism. And for food we harm other animals of course! And Hugh Hefner is also portrayed positively. Iron Man ignores a woman's no as well.

In some ways it seems these things are portrayed a bit negatively, as if he's an immature asshole in the beginning, supporting the weapons industry and at the end it seems he may begin to be able to have a proper relationship seeing the other part as his equal, and at least having a somewhat more skeptical view on the weapons industry (as having profit over ethics, not much criticism of US military in itself) - but I've heard that in later films he continues to be an asshole, so I'm not really sure.

That violent egotist main villain should not be allowed to live.

Tags: Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe