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School of Rock (2003)


The first Richard Linklater film I've seen and liked. The same may go for Jack Black, actually. Cool kids, good teacher, good parody and great music!

Waking Life (2001)


Audio: 2/5
Visuals: 3/5 - I find the general aesthetic bordering on ugly, but the dream-reality crossover ideas attract.
Content: 3/5 Good choice of subject matter, though many of the thoughts/people I find either uninteresting or pseudo intellectual jackasses.

Before Sunrise (1995)


Very popular among some indie-people, but I thought it was pretty boring. And Before Sunset even more so AFAIR. No fan of Richard Linklater, at least so far.

Dazed and Confused (1993)


tyrant senior youngsters, both men and women but especially the men. the latter deserve to die - or worse: get expelled.
and the teachers accept the tyranny: They should be forced to act as grown ups or be fired. 
coach and friends are apparently macho borderline bullies too
many sexists and homophobes among the men/boys generally, sadly.
at least tony (and maybe mike) are skeptical of those initiation rituals, but they don't step in and stop them. Others seem skeptical too even though they participate.
maybe expectations or some higher up bullies are sort of enforcing that social order

driving in the car knocking over mailboxes with trash cans: you see the (seemingly successful) conditioning happening to mitch, older youngsters showing what he should do and think is cool.
mitch imitating wooderson, that guy i thought was cool but who turned out to be borderline paedophile. mitch, don't get back at that violent worthless sexist homophobe asshat o'bannion, too risky

mitch: don't blame your sister for asking the guys to go easy on you. it was compassionate, regardless of the consequence. i guess his is also some ridiculous social norm bullshit reaction

creepy thing to refer back to that non-consent fantasy of the fresh(wo)man saying she'll do anything for you, mike.

pink is mostly the cool/nice guy, but then he has to ruin it at the end by two-timing his girlfriend though wtf. :/

A Scanner Darkly (2006)



Before Sunset (2004)


Recall as pretty boring.