Anarchist, vegan, intersectional feminist, deep ecologist, child-free, atheist nerd.

Linux passionate software developer, hobbyist photographer & electronic musician dreaming of also doing voice acting and writing.

A portal to my accounts around the web and a place for my recommendations & film ratings.

What I like

Music I listen to.

PC games I have and play.

Board games I have and play.

Books I read or want to read.

Animé I've watched or want to watch.

Mostly just playlists of favourites, and very few silly videos of my own.

I'd like to know a similar site for indexing comics: read, planning to read, recommendations from others, ratings and so on. I haven't read that many comics yet but I would like to.

Some things I spend my time on

I'm trying to learn meditation and can recommend it - other fine options are fx. Meditation Timer, Headspace - though of course a personal trainer can be much better.

Dr. Alok Kanojia and team AOE healing the world. So much great content for free! Share it!

Learn other (spoken) languages, and in the process also about your own, and indirectly how languages shape and frame (limit) thinking differently.

A podcast on veganism by Harry Potter-star Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood).

A podcast about board games in a general sense.

It's damn addictive - but fun!