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The Notebook (2004)


pretty torn between 3 and 4. It was a quite nice watch, but also some things were just off, one being the acting from most of them.

story is not original but it's kinda well told. It's engaging. good chemistry.
decent music, fine cinematography

super creepy way to introduce himself!! 
...and it's sad to see him wanting to be whatever she wants
...and bad friends that let noah get out on the date with her without her knowing

i like that he later stops when she's so uncertain and overwhelmed, though

plot-wise I don't see why she didn't write him once, or come visit?! 

noah's supportive of the marriage and okay with being friends or at least trying <3

don't think the older noah seems much like the younger in terms of mannerisms/behaviour.

dementia is such a scary disease! :o